DJ Semtex Trusts HEDD to Give Him a Clear Sound

November 05, 2022

DJ Semtex Trusts HEDD to Give Him a Clear Sound

On a recent visit to London, DJ Semtex let us into his office to discuss his love of hip-hop culture and music and how the HEDD TYPE 20 MK2 monitors help him choose the right music for his radio show and demo new music from artists by giving him a sound he can trust. As he puts it, "clarity of sound is a luxury."

When it comes to the sound, history, and culture of hip-hop, Semtex does not need an introduction: a host who has interviewed some of the biggest artists in the world (Drake, Kendrick Lamar. J Cole, Skepta, etc.), a successful author (Hip Hop Raised Me, with a foreword by Public Enemy’s Chuck D.), and one of the first DJs to link UK rap sounds in the mix. Semtex has been breathing and amplifying hip-hop culture since his early days in Manchester, where he started as a party promoter, all the way to his work today as an A&R.

Watch the video below to hear Semtex break down his career and why clarity is everything.

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