Studio Monitors & HEDDphones®:
Made in Berlin

HEDD | Heinz ElectroDynamic Designs is a German manufacturer of high-end studio loudspeakers and HEDDphones founded by Industry Legend Klaus Heinz and his son, Musicologist Dr. Frederik Knop. Drawing on a rich history in audio creation and reproduction, the company designs and handcrafts its products in Berlin since 2016. All products feature the iconic Air Motion Transformer (AMT).

Product Feature:

These ultra-compact DSP-powered 3-way studio monitors were designed to meet the highest sonic expectations a modern audio engineer or record producer might have. Find out more about these innovative powerhouses that deliver sound far greater than their size.

The revolutionary HEDDphone®

Learn more about the revolutionary headphone that fascinates the music industry. With unprecedented transient speed, accuracy, and a full-range Air Motion Transformer driver, HEDDphone® ONE has become a must-have tool for leading sound engineers and producers around the world.


Meet the Family:
The MK2 Series of Studio Monitors

Precisely engineered to surpass all expectations in transparency, all HEDD MK2 speakers use high-end Digital Signal Processing to enable innovative features that make mixing, mastering and production so much easier. Get yours now!

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