HEDD included in relaunch of legendary Miraval Studios

April 01, 2023

HEDD included in relaunch of legendary Miraval Studios

Created as a "sanctuary for artists to come in and do their thing", Brad Pitt and French producer / engineer Damien Quintard of The Mono Company have just relaunched one of the most spectacular recording studios in the world: Miraval, where the likes of Pink Floyd, Sade, ACDC, The Cure, Muse and many more recorded in the 70s and 80s.

The huge site, deep in the Provence region in the south of France, hosts the legendary, and now reborn, Miraval recording space. The studio uses HEDD TYPE 30 MK2 speakers, while the HEDDphone® is on hand for engineers, alongside a selection of mouth-watering gear from some of the best brands to have ever existed.

Alongside recording there are several editing booths for video and sound, a staggering collection of 170-plus microphones, a reverb room and artist hang out. Oh and there is a pool too. Given the rich history of Miraval Studios one can understand Damien Quintard when he says: “We’re not here to just build a new studio: We’re here to honor a legacy."

HEDD is proud and thrilled to collaborate with Miraval. For the whole story, please take a look at Lyndsay Havens' piece in the Billboard October 22 issue and watch the video below.

Many thanks and stay tuned! 

Photo: Hélène Hadjiyianni


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