Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors

A new Level of Precision and Innovation in Loudspeakers

The HEDD TYPE MK2 series offers high-precision monitoring for all near- and mid-field applications. All monitors have perfectly matched components, natural-sounding drivers, flat frequency response and phase, and even group delay compensation when used with the matching BASS subwoofers. Finally, all monitors and BASS also feature the option to be transformed into an infinite-baffle system with closed ports.

These are the best monitors I ever used!

!llmind (Drake, Beyonce, J. Cole)

A Mastering Legend at Work

Coming from a background in Hip Hop & Vinyl DJ'ing, Berlin-based Sascha "Busy" Bühren is one of today's most talented and commercially succesful mastering engineers. His mind blowing selection of analog gear, the engineering and musical skills he and his partner Laura bring to the table, moved this perfect team to the very top of their profession.

Watch the video and learn more about the history and direction of True Busyness Berlin, and how HEDD products such as the TYPE 30 MK2 monitors and HEDDphone® are supporting their mission.