HEDD Audio creates innovative Made in Germany loudspeakers and headphones for music production, mixing and mastering applications.

Olivia Dean


Studio Quality Headphone from HEDD Audio

The HEDDphone® delivers incredibly high resolution and transparency, making it a very suitable option to use in audio production when space or room limitations do not allow for studio monitors.

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Studio Monitors

MK2 studio monitors feature modern Sharc-DSPs that enable on-board phase linearisation (HEDD Lineariser®) and the ability to use the speakers Closed or Ported (CoP)

BASS Subwoofers

Get the most out of your monitor system by adding a subwoofer for the best low-end performance. In combination with the Type MK2 speakers, our BASS series offers full-range Group Delay Compensation. Our BASS series can be used Closed or Ported.

Tower Mains


The HEDD Tower Mains system is a fully closed, modular Main Monitoring system, suitable for all imaginable studio applications and the sophisticated modern audiophile.

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