How Blue May Found Perfect Monitoring With The HEDDphone

March 28, 2023

How Blue May Found Perfect Monitoring With The HEDDphone

Following interviews showcasing how Robot Koch uses HEDD technology for his mobile studio and why music campus Gold Diggers trusts HEDD monitors for their listening sessions, we visited English producer and mixing engineer Blue May in the Hollywood Hills to learn more about how the HEDDphone changed the way he works. 

Originally based in London, Blue relocated to Los Angeles a few years ago having made a name for himself in the past decade with production and mixing work for a string of groundbreaking artists on both sides of the Atlantic including Kano, Sudan Archives, and Joy Crookes, whose debut album Skin was short-listed for the Mercury Music Prize. 

Blue first got the HEDDphone around the time he was working on Joy’s record and just after they'd moved the recording process into a house, which was ideal for really getting to experience what the HEDDphone could do for his creative process. 

Today, Blue May works out of a beautiful home space in the Hollywood Hills where he has created the ideal atmosphere for his practice, as you can see in the video. He tells us what drove his move to L.A., past experiences working in traditional studios, and how the HEDDphone offered a new approach to old problems and eventually became his main monitoring reference, following him wherever he goes. 

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