Rimshot Studios Opens Up New Dimensions With Dolby Atmos

April 08, 2023

Rimshot Studios Opens Up New Dimensions With Dolby Atmos

Rimshot Studio is an independent boutique recording studio in the North Kent Downs area of England, owned and operated by Mike Thorne. Coming from the roots music scene, Mike is a veteran of the industry who has worked with hundreds of bands and artists as producer and engineer, including The Brand New Heavies, KT Tunstall, Sean Lennon, and more. 

Bringing together the best of classic analogue gear with digital technology  alongside a careful attention to detail, Rimshot Studio has become a home from home for many musicians thanks to a comfortable, relaxed, and creative vibe that allows artists to do their best work without pressure or distractions from the outside world.

We visited Mike at Rimshot to discuss his experience with HEDD Audio. As he explains, he was first introduced to HEDD via the Tower Mains System which he found to be a special experience, especially when combined with the acoustics of the live room he'd built at Rimshot. "They were all enveloping," he says, "not just the size of them but the clarity in the mid range and high end."  

So when Mike decided to install a new immersive, Dolby Atmos setup in Rimshot's control room he opted to use HEDD's monitor range - the TYPE 05, 07, and 30 - because this clarity he first heard on the Tower translated to the smaller form monitors. And with the new setup Mike is now able to open up a new dimension to the music he captures while making sure he never gets tired while working. 

Watch the video to hear Mike detail the history of Rimshot, how artists interact with the space and equipment, and why he trusts HEDD to help him give them the best possible audio experience.

Music: Tread Softly and My Home by Matthew King (courtesy of Rimshot Studio).

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