How Grégory Betton Uses HEDD to Create Immersive Soundscapes

June 21, 2024

How Grégory Betton Uses HEDD to Create Immersive Soundscapes

Grégory Betton is a writer and musician who works with immersive audio to create a single object that combines both music and text, in order to invite listeners and readers into a universe of his making.

Recently, he built a compact 7.1.4 Atmos studio in his garage, outside of Paris, using the HEDD MK2 monitor range as he found that they allowed him to truly feel the acoustic recordings he works with as if the musicians were right there in the room.

We visited Grégory to find out more and as he explains in our interview, not only were HEDD speakers affordable for his needs they also offered great build and sound quality as well as the necessary control he wanted across the stereo field thanks to the closed or ported functionality.

His setup is 7.1.4 featuring the TYPE 07 MK2 at ear level, a BASS 08 subwoofer for LFE, and the TYPE 05 MK2 on the ceiling, all installed and positioned within a 15sqm space using the Atmos mounting solutions HEDD has developed in collaboration with IsoAcoustics. Find out more about how to get started with immersive audio in our dedicated guide

Grégory is a French writer and musician. With a background deeply rooted in literature, he creates immersive soundscapes using binaural and multichannel audio techniques, crafting artistic experiences seamlessly blending words and sounds to captivate and transport his audience. His recent projects include "Mimesis," a binaural sci-fi thriller, and "Ballast," a collection of vertical stories designed for smartphone reading.