IsoAcoustics and HEDD Unveil Mounting Solutions for Atmos Setups

January 23, 2024

IsoAcoustics and HEDD Unveil Mounting Solutions for Atmos Setups

For the past few years, HEDD has been working closely with professional studios around the world to deliver Dolby Atmos installations that bring the clarity and precision of our monitors for to the world of immersive audio. 

Today we're excited to announce the next step in our support for Dolby Atmos installations: mounting solutions for the HEDD TYPE MK2 range of monitors developed in collaboration with IsoAcoustics, industry leaders in isolation and mounting. 

Specially designed adapters and mounting brackets for IsoAcoustics' V120 system for walls and ceilings now allow you to easily place any of our monitors - from the TYPE 05 to the TYPE 30 - in your studio, regardless of the physical challenges you might face. The innovative U brackets are shaped to allow you to install the bracket first and then lift the monitor into place while bolt threads let you fix the monitor into your preferred position for the best sound direction.

IsoAcoustics HEDD adapters guide

HEDD monitors mounted with this tailor-made solution also benefit from the V120's world-class isolation, which mitigates structure borne vibrations from exciting the supporting surfaces. Whether attached directly to a ceiling or to truss structures, you'll have full control over the sound image in the room with no unwanted resonances getting in the way of the clear, transparent sound our monitors deliver. 

The HEDD x IsoAcoustics mounts are available as adapters if you already have a V120 system or as bundles including both adapters and V120 mounts. 

Give your monitors the perfect position in your immersive audio setup today!

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