HEDD at Studioszene Mannheim

August 01, 2022

HEDD at Studioszene Mannheim

"Die Studioszene" is the community event for audio engineers, producers and home recorders in Germany. On site, professionals from the industry will show you how to improve your recording, mixing, mastering and production in over 40 masterclasses, discussion panels and workshops.

Of course, HEDD will be representing at Rosengarten in Mannheim, Germany as well. The event takes place August 30th - 31st, 2022.

Over two days, established engineers will host over 40 workshops and interviews on how to improve recording, mixing and mastering. Join discussions and share your experience on finishing a track. In addition to audio production, talk rounds will also cover broader topics that have to do with the music business. Studioszene also invites both top-class engineers and underground freelancers to talk about their everyday studio life.

Learn more at https://www.studioszene.de and see you there!

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