Sound on Sound gives the Type 07 MK2 the Thumbs Up

September 23, 2021

Sound on Sound gives the Type 07 MK2 the Thumbs Up

In the October 2021 issue of legendary audio magazine Sound on Sound, Phil Ward digs deep into the Type 07 MK2 and gives readers an informed and honest opinion about our latest range, including detailed measurements.

Read the full review over at SoS magazine, and find below a quote about why Phil thinks the Type 07 is great value for money.

"As is my usual practice, when I get towards the end of a monitor review, I do a bit of research to remind myself of the price, and when I did that with the Type 07 Mk2 I had to check I wasn’t looking at the cost of a single monitor rather than a pair, because I’d imagined it to be significantly more expensive than it is in reality. So bearing in mind just how much I came to admire the Type 07 Mk2, I think it’s a steal."

 It is especially satisfying to read that the innovative Lineariser, added to the MK2 series, gave "an extra degree of image focus and precision." Our design of the Closed-or-Ported feature also seemed to impress Phil during the review process, with the bass quality was regarded as "extremely high" in both modes.

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