MusicTech Gives Type 07 MK2 Innovation Award

September 27, 2021

MusicTech Gives Type 07 MK2 Innovation Award

In the latest review for the Type 07 MK2, from our latest monitor range, MusicTech reviewer Barry Watson praises the monitor's “remarkable sound quality and stereo imaging with a linear frequency and phase response”. Overall, the Type 07 MK2 were impressive enough to be awarded with an Innovation Award and a 9/10 rating.

You can read the complete review here, and find below a quote about the improved clarity and details.

“These monitors can be genuinely trusted for critical listening when mixing and mastering, with great separation of elements in the often-cluttered mid-frequency range. They also provide excellent clarity into the finer details of transients, drum sustain and reverb tails. Stereo imaging is right on too. The HEDD Type 07 MK2s sound easily as good as rival loudspeakers costing many times more.”

The article also explains how the innovative Lineariser® impacts the speakers and the advantages of the Closed-or-Ported system, both of which are additions to the MK2 monitor range.

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